Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stitch Fix #10: Treat Yourself Tuesday Edition

Happy Treat Yourself Tuesday! The Honeys and I treated ourselves to some Able Baker (or Cookie Baker as they call it). With the holiday coming up, I already feel exhausted from running around and being a mom. Can you tell by my bloodshot eyes? The latte helped :)

Another Stitch Fix has arrived!

I wanted to say how excited I get when someone new gets their first fix. It is so fun to hear what they got and how the Stitch Fix adventure goes for them. Also, thanks for the referral credits. The best part of Stitch Fix is when you share, you get rewarded with a $25 credit.

For this fix, I asked for casual winter items. I asked for some more skinny jeans from Just Black and other things I pinned on my pinterest page.

I sent them my  November Stitch Fix Pinterest page with items I liked from other Stitch Fix reviews. If you want the best items for your stitch fix, make sure to pin the items you want and share them your Pinterest page on your style profile. It will help your stylist pick what you want and need! Feedback is so helpful as well :)

My Fix!

1. Suri Sequin Embellished Knit Top — $68.00

I was unsure of a sequin top, but this is a nice and comfortable dressy shirt. Perfect for a night out on the town. Now, I just need to work on the nights on the town! My photographer, Jack (age 5) said I looked really fancy in this outfit. That guy know his fashion.

2. Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf — $34.00

I love the texture and feel of this scarf. It is the perfect size and weight, but I am not sure about the color/pattern.

3. Sutton Faux Leather Trim Quilted Jacket — $88.00

I was hoping this would be more stylized. I am a suburban stay at home mom, so absolutely no offense by the following comments. When I first looked at it, it just made me feel old :( Anyways, it is super warm and comfortable, but I feel like I could fine something more me... Oh, how I wish it was a vest!

4. Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean — $78.00

I love the Just Black skinny jeans. I wear my green ones all the time. These are a smaller size, so I feel like they are only going out pants. Still stretchy and comfortable,  but not for daytime wear. I love the ankle zip :)

5. Geoffrey Tile Print Bib Tab-Sleeve Blouse — $38.00

When I pulled this out of the box, I really liked the pattern and colors. I am not sure once I tried it on...It was comfortable, but a little sheer. Nice for a daytime fancy event, but I can't see myself grabbing it for a regular day with the kids. The neckline was a little weird. Very unsure about all of these items!!!

Photographer Bio: Jack is 5 years old and is in Pre-K. He enjoys anything red and all rescue vehicles. He is a sweet guy and a big helper. He loves to eat french fries, chicken nuggets, and apples. Jack loves to snuggle and has a warm personality. He is very patient during out photo shoots. He will make a wonderful husband, especially during getting ready/outfit change marathons :)



  1. You are so cute - and so is photographer Jack - :) Anyway, the black skinny jeans look fabulous on you. I know you have already done your "returns" but I would say keep the jeans, and the scarf is really cute and looks soft. The abstract print looked really nice on you as well!


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